Pericias/ Craft (Actualización)

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Pericias/ Craft (Actualización)

Mensaje  Salyus el Miér Sep 20, 2017 10:35 am


Trait Description: Craft allows characters to create both useful and beautiful objects. Highly skilled craftspeople can create impressive masterworks, though a character must use Charms if he wishes to create masterworks rapidly or with ordinary or substandard materials. There are five mundane Craft Abilities, each associated with one of the fi ve elements. Several exotic varieties exist as well, such as Craft (Magitech), which applies to the wonders of the First Age, and Craft (Glamour) and Craft (Fate), which are practiced only by supernatural beings. The five ordinary Craft Abilities are:

• Air: calligraphy, jewelry-making, creating precision instruments and glassblowing (making small, decorative or high-precision items)

• Earth: masonry, stone cutting, creating earthworks (creating buildings and large objects with stone or earth)

• Fire: blacksmithing, making ceramics (forging and casting large metal objects and creating objects using fire)

• Wood: carpentry, weaving, paper-making, flower arranging (carving, weaving and manipulating natural materials)

• Water: cooking, brewing, leather working, pharmacy and poison-making (boiling and cooking plants, chemicals and animal materials)

Note: All mundane crafts performed by ordinary mortals fi t into one of these five categories.
Specialties: Specific Individual Crafts—sword-making (Fire), gem-cutting (Air), perfume-making (Water); Evaluating

Trait Effects: Someone with Craft (Wood) 1 can probably construct a rude hut. Someone with Craft (Fire) 3 can make an exceptional sword. Someone with Craft (Air) 5 can create pieces of jewelry that vain nobles will literally kill to own.

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